We are on the lookout for hackers to save their next target.

Robbers prioritize homes without dogs and security lights because they are easier targets. Our cyber hygiene program Lookout makes it simple to strengthen your cyber defenses and keep your business out of reach of hackers.

Recent Trends Have Small Firms Frightened

  • 424% increase in new small business cyber breaches in 2020
  • 54% of small businesses think they’re too small for a cyberattack
  • 43% of cyber-attacks target small business
  • Security incidents cost businesses $200,000 on average

Lookout is your go-to cyber hygiene partner designed for SMB’s. Reducing your exposure to cyber threats and building a proactive security approach by identifying and mitigating attack vectors before they can disrupt your business.

Vulnerability Scanning and Risk-based prioritization

Our propriety vulnerability management technology continuously monitors your networks, scanning for vulnerabilities across your entire infrastructure, and delivers actionable results to minimize your risk of a data breach. With integrated risk-based security insights, we can help you prioritize imminent threats and reduce any remediation uncertainty. Our affordable program is built for SMBs for security assurance and compliance. With cyber breaches costing billions, make sure you never end up on front-page news.

Web Application Security

Unsure about the risk levels of internally developed or commercial web applications? Every application carries a security implication. Lookout will scan for potential bugs and weak configuration and providing security best practice guidance for mitigating web application risks and applying relevant security controls.


Lookout provides an opportunity for SMB’s to pinpoint the potential susceptibility and areas for potential phishing attacks. This is a practical exercise intended to support and measure the effectiveness of your security awareness training and locating any security gaps.


  • Designed for SMB’s with low employee count, number of endpoints, and infrequent change
  • Covers in building and remote employees
  • Security health checks designed to accommodate the need, configured weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • Instance lockdown
  • Sold as a managed service, no internal IT department required
  • Low to no impact on network or other hardware
  • Easy to follow reports and recommendations for a remediation plan
  • Assessed against NIST known vulnerabilities, prioritized using proprietary software from Outpost24
  • Fees based on the number of endpoints including PC’s, servers, network devices, printers, IoT devices

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